No Bad Days

Scotty Scheller

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Scotty Scheller

No bad days coaching comes down to one thing. The reality is that there is never a bad day. Just bad moments and what you do with the moment is what dictates the day. I personally have taken myself from server health issues, being overweight, depression, and negativity. My life was a mess. I was able to turn all that around, and now I've helped 100+ people do the same whether you need a complete life overhaul or need some help dialing in your nutrition, I'm confident in my ability to coach you to success!


No Bad Days


Life Optimization Coaching

I help you eliminate that problem and ultimately save you your most valuable asset. Your time! You and I will get so clear on your future and where you want to go.


1-1 Nutrition Coaching

Here's the thing about being a "REAL" nutrition coach. My job isn't like most, where there is a "one size fits all" structure.


Mindset Coaching

I help you break down each aspect of life and figure out what you truly want, and I say genuinely because we all look from the outside at other people's lives and see things that they have or how their living, and we think that's how it should be.

"Scotty was the best investment I could have ever made when it came to nutritional guidance and accountability"
- Alexa B.

“He was very hands-on and personalized my plan based on what my goals were at the time and wasn’t afraid to tell me when things needed to change.”
— Carson D.

“I have worked with nutritional coaches in the past, who don't seem to care and treat you like another number. I NEVER felt that way with Scotty. He was always there for me and truly cared about what I was looking to accomplish.”
— Scott M.

“I've learned it isn't always about making major adjustments to your diet, but the small variations that we did make were instrumental, and the pieces of information I was taught along the way played a large role in the success I've seen with Scotty.”

-Trevor N


Lifestyle optimization coaching is taking all about shifting your mindset and changing previous beliefs about yourself or a situation so that you can overcome any hurdle holding you back and move forward into being the best you.

This is different from person to person. I've had clients see incredible results and do a complete 180 in as little as two weeks, but a realistic expectation (especially with fitness goals) is around 12 weeks. For optimal results, I say give it 6 to 8 months.

In our initial consultation, you and I will sit down to figure out the actual end goal and the results you're looking to achieve. Too many people aren't clear on what they want and what it will take to get there, so this is key in ensuring we're on the right path. Once we have these goals clear as day, we start with weekly action steps to lead us down the path to success. First, we will have weekly check-ins to hold you accountable and ensure we're doing all the right things. Then, as we go along, we make minor tweaks to ensure there is no stall out and you're still happy and moving along. The last step is we achieve your dream outcome and then set another new goal!

We will set one primary realistic goal for the first month and if we don't absolutely dominate it I’ll refund your money.

If you give it your all and follow the path we’ve laid out, you can expect to achieve the goals you've set! In fitness, mindset, or life in general!

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